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My review on NICHIDO's Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit


If there's one make-up trick that I am not good at, that is lining my brows. Even shaping and shaving my brows are part of my frustration. But because Im eager to learn, I've been on the "hunt" for affordable and beautiful eyebrow liner and I'm sharing with you one of the latest I found.

TheNichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit.
This is one of the items I bought during the Vintage Vanity Beauty Fair at Robinson's Galleria Dept Store. I made sure that this is included in my shopping basket because I love the idea of a brow  liner to be a compact shadow powder. Moreover, it comes in 2 colors -- coffee and black with extra tweezers too (which you can use to remove unwanted brows).

And remind you, I'm not a PRO in make-up but for someone who just loves applying colors in her face (without the proper training), here's how the Coffee Shade looked on me:

Since its powdery, adjusting the shade on the brows is easier. I also love the fact that it made my brows look  brown, which complimented my hair and skin color. You thoughts?

Above all this, Nichido Eyebrow Duo Kit is available in Nichido Stalls in leading department store for less than P300 (P250, I suppose! Forgive me but I couldn't remember the exact price). Its a really good price cause it actually stays long. (and it really looks good in pictures!)

I hope you like this post. I ust came from the SM GTW Model Search Mall Tour and a video shoot today so watch out for more beauty, fashion and event posts soon :)