About Us

About the Brand

NICHIDO Cosmetics is Philippines' leading cosmetics brand and founded in 1982. 

At that time, the brand’s basic laboratory and small manufacturing company were guided by a Japanese technical consultant and a Japanese chemical supplier as well.  To maximize the capacity, aside from doing a private labelling for other brands, the Japanese consultant coined the brand name, NICHIDO.

NICHIDO started its life with its first launch in SM Department Store in Quiapo and has since seen expanding.  Today, NICHIDO is available in more than 350 stores in the Philippines. 

NICHIDO strives to ensure that their customers get the best value for their money by delivering innovative and quality cosmetic products that can compete in the global market. 

With a wide range of beauty products from day wear, street wear, blended with glamorous style, empowering women to explore revolutionary looks and reveal their self expression and artistry.